About Topaz Sailboats

Topaz Sailboats are the recreational line of sailboats manufactured by Topper International Ltd. in Kent, England.  With over 30 years of experience in thermoplastic engineering, Topaz Sailboats made to be lighter, stiffer, stronger and more consistent in their production than the competition.

Comprised of three laminated layers of rotomolded polyethylene, Topaz Sailboats are manufactured by a small team with keen attention to precision and detail. The result are hulls that are rugged but sophisticated in design, with greater uniformity in production and lower tolerance for variance in density and wall thickness.   When measured against the competition, Topaz Sailboats prove to have greater levels of structural uniformity, and greater quality and specification of the fittings and sails.

Plastic boats are reflective of the future.  They offer lower cost of maintenance and are are fully recyclable.  With their durability and ease of use, it’s easy to understand why they bear consideration in your search for the perfect sailboat.  Please feel encouraged to reach out to our team to learn more!


Topper 4.2/5.3
Taz Club
UNO+, Race+, Race X
Cat 14, Cat 16


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