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Topaz by Topper

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Topaz sailboats are the result of  Topper Internationals unique understanding of manufacturing plastic that began over 30 years ago with the production of the original Topper sailboat.   This unparalleled expertise in this field has meant that the very latest rapid advances in material technology have been harnessed to produce a  uniquely strong, lightweight, stiff and durable hull.


All Topaz sailboats are designed with 4 basic concepts in mind: speed, durability, versatility and quality.

  • Roto-molded in tri-lam polyethylene
  • Speed- Fast planning stable hulls that are spacious and comfortable
  • Durability – Utra-tough, maintenance free, tri-lam construction, ensuring toughness and strength without increasing hull weight
  • Versatility – Delivers versatility without compromise, available with multiple rig options providing a variety of sailing choices
  • Quality – Built to the highest specification with both materials and fittings

The end result is boat range that is geared to bringing fast, exciting sailboats within everyone’s reach.


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Unique Hull Construction

The success behind the Topaz Range is in the remarkable sophistication and ruggedness of the manufacturing process.  The entire Topaz Range is rota-molded of polyethylene with incredible precision producing a uniquely strong, lightweight, stiff and durable hull. Using a patented TRILAM 3-ply sandwich construction process, the Topaz hull ensures toughness without increasing hull weight – Read more

Three layer System:

  1. Light weight extra strength honeycomb core
  2. Surrounded by a hard seal inner skin
  3. Exceptionally strong, high quality Metalicene outer skin
    provides strongest possible attachment for fittings via brass inserts molded into the hull

Built-In Buoyancy

Masses of buoyancy are built into the ultra stiff hull – vital for responsive performance. This precision molded TRILAM process is unique to the Topaz and guarantees that no other rota-molded sailboat rivals The Topaz in terms of strength, rigidity and durability. The result is an amazing hull that is:

  • Lightweight
  • Robust
  • Low maintenance
  • Covered by a 3-year hull warranty

Simple Rigging & Sail Plans

Simplicity is key with Topaz sailboats.  All the Topaz Sailboats are easily rigged and arrive with all lines labeled and all spars are made from anodized aluminum material.

You can choose from a variety of sail plans, designed using a combination of Dacron or Mylar depending on the primary use for the sail.  Dacron sails are easy to reef and stow while the Mylar sails are battened and design for speed and maximum power.

All boats have a jib option to cater to single and double handed sailing.

Most models share the same 2-part free standing mast and boom with the ARGO, OMEGA, and Cat having a 1-piece stayed rig.

Unique to the Topaz Sailing System Race X, ARGO, and OMEGA is a single-line launch spinnaker system which launches/retrieves the spinnaker pole and spinnaker simultaneously using use one single line.

The TAZ and Topaz Sailing System boats also come complete with a shock absorbent hull plate as standard.  The hull plate system protects the hull and dagger board should you run aground.  The rudder system for all boats will also kick-up to protect the blade in the event of impact.


Using a standard design, across the entire Taz and Sailing Systems Range, the boats are equipped with a polyethylene molded dagger board and rudder blades. Unique to the Topaz Range is a simple rope less rudder stock system for easy launching. The ARGO, OMEGA, and Catamarans use a epoxy blade.


All boats come equipped with a main sheet ratchet block as standard and the hardware is either Ronstadt, Holt or Allen, depending on usage requirements.  In addition all boats come with hiking straps, carry handles,  inspection hatches and righting lines  as standard.

All load bearing fittings are attached to the hull with brass inserts that are  molded into the boat during the manufacturing process.

The mast gate system is a simple yet unique design allowing the mast to be easily stepped by a solo sailor. All boats have the ability to have the mast stepped single highhandedly.



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