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Taz Club

Topaz Taz Club

The TAZ sailing dinghy is the little sister of the Topaz sailboat. With the same Topaz style hull, it is smaller, and lighter than a Topper or Pico making it the perfect beginner or family fun boat.

TAZ makes even the smallest new sailor feel safe, comfortable, and confident. Her ultra-modern ‘Topaz-like’ good looks will instantly ignite interest. Once on the water, the superbly responsive TAZ comes into her own to delight and win over yet another new convert to the sport of sailing.


  • Rig configuration with Mylar main sail and jib.
  • Built in flotation pad at head of main sail
  • Easy roll reefing and storage
  • Center main sheet & two-piece mast
  • Lifting rudder system
  • Cartoppable
  • Easy mast gate system
  • Open transom
  • Planning hull
  • Center toe strap
  • ISAF approved safety features
  • “Topaz Style” carry and righting handles


  Topaz Taz Club  
  taz sailboat

  • Dacron Main and Jib 
  • Center main sheet & two-piece mast
  • Lifting rudder system
  • Easy mast gate system
  • Center toe strap

Length: 9.7 ft

Beam: 4 ft

Crew: 1 – 2

Hull weight: 88 lbs

Sail Area: 58 sq ft

Main: Dacron, 48 sq ft

Jib: Dacron, 10 sq ft


Weight Capacity: 320 lbs



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