ISAF Connect to Sailing Partner

What is Connect to Sailing?
ISAF have put their sizeable influence and resources behind a big initiative called Connect to Sailing. The goal is to ‘develop sailing across the world’ by specifically ‘engaging youth and facilitating participation’ ie. to get more young people sailing. This represents a departure for ISAF who have previously focused more on the promotion of elite racing classes.

The initiative is especially relevant to our range which focuses more on teaching and development sailing rather than racing.

Topper International are an Official ISAF Connect to Sailing Partner which means that we will be one of the key brands to be affiliated with ISAF as they role out the programmes around the world.

ISAF Learn to Sail Boats Status
ISAF has realized that most of it’s Recognized Classes are not necessarily the best boats in which to introduce the sport of sailing to newcomers or in which to teach and develop sailing skills. Therefore, a new category of Status under the Connect to Sailing Initiative called the ISAF Learn to Sail Boats Status has been introduced. The TOPAZ System, Topaz TAZ, Topaz VIBE, Topaz XENON, Topaz ARGO, Topaz OMEGA, Topaz 12, Topaz 14 and Topaz 16 have all been awarded ISAF Learn to Sail Status.

Each boat now features a plaque similar to the blue Recognize Status plaques displayed on the Optimist, Topper, 29er, 49er, Laser, O’pen Bic, etc. The Topaz range is now recognized by ISAF and ‘recommended’ specifically for learning to sail, teaching to sail and developing sailing skills.

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