New Dealer for Chesapeake Bay Area and Northeast

September 30, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

CONTACT:           Elijah Bowen

443 808-9713

New Dealer for Topaz Sailboats

Annapolis, MD (September 30, 2016) Topaz Sailboats is pleased to announce that The Sailing Academy, Inc. is the new Chesapeake Bay Area and Northeast Dealer for Topaz Sailboats. Elijah Bowen of The Sailing Academy, will be handling the sales of the Topaz and accessories.

The Sailing Academy, which is located at Herrington Harbour Marina just south of Annapolis, Maryland, has both an adult and a youth sailing program. They have been using the Topaz in their youth program and will now be the area Dealer for the full line of Topper Sailboats.

“We purchased a fleet of Topaz sailboats a few seasons ago to replace our aging fleet of JY’s. Since our old boats were out of production, we spent quite a bit of time researching and test sailing new sailboats that might meet the needs of our youth program. We finally decided on the Topaz because of their durability, performance and ease of rigging. They were a hit! Both the young people and our staff love them. We just completed our third season using the Topaz and they have proven to be the perfect platform for our youth program.”

“Several of our students have expressed an interest in purchasing their own Topaz. We want to further serve our students and our region by offering the Topaz line and accessories for sale.”

“We feel that taking on the sale of Topaz sailboats and accessories in the North East will largely benefit the growing youth and family sailing community. Our goal is to get people out on the water and to raise up the next generation of sailors. The Topaz seems to be the perfect platform for that goal.”

–Elijah Bowen

About The Sailing Academy Located at Herrington Harbour Marina just south of Annapolis, MD The Sailing Academy has been serving young people and adults in the Chesapeake bay region for over 10 years. They have been an American Sailing Association affiliate since 2002, teaching ASA101 through ASA118. Through the years, they have taught thousands of people to sail on both dinghies and keelboats.

“We are excited to take the next step by becoming a dealer for Topaz Sailboats.” -Elijah Bowen

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